the talented band behind Katie

Michael Gallagher - Keys/Vox 

Mike started playing the Farfisa Combo Compact and the Vox Continental Organs in various bands when he was a young teen.  However, he soon graduated in the early 70’s to playing the Hammond B3 for local Kansas City R&B recording artist, Walter “The Deacon” Smith.  He is especially proud that he was able to play some of the best R&B Night Clubs in KC, i.e. The Levee, The Stardust, Roy’s Gold Lounge, The Inferno and the 12th Of Never.  Only The Levee remains today. While Mike had already begun his career with the Federal Government, he was able to continue playing on a part-time basis.  When he was transferred to Washington, DC in 1978, he met up with well known KC Bass Player Don Hamblin, also a “Fed”, and they formed a very popular dance cover band known as Opus V.  A few years later, Mike ended up in New Hampshire and  began working for four years with The Rick Clement Experience, a big R&B horn band.  For nearly 12 years, Mike stayed away from playing because he was a single father and had other priorities.  After his early Federal retirement, he moved back “home” to the KC area in 1998 and has had a great time playing with a lot of old and new friends.  Mike also teaches  piano and Hammond B3 technique and has studied the styles of many famous musician.  Mike is a Life Time Member of the American Federation of Musicians, Local #34/627   Although his college degree is in Health Science Administration, he also maintained a minor in Music Appreciation and took many courses throughout the years. Mike’s current stage equipment includes a Kurzweil PC1SE  and a Roland Fantom X6  played thru a Hartke KM200  amp/stereo mixer. Although Mike no longers brings out a vintage Hammond B3 and Leslie 122, he does like to use a Hammond XK1C played thru a Leslie 3300 for Special Shows.  His favorate microphone is the old standard – the Shure SM58.  Mike has worked with Olivia Newton John, Percy Sledge, Joss Stone, James Gilbert and Johnny Rivers to name a few. Mike recently moved to Eastern Connecticut and is now working with Katie Perkins.  Although he has never been in any type of country band, he is enjoying the  latest direction his musical career. Looking forward to many exciting Country Shows in the future.

Greg Colbath - Lead Guitar/Vox 

Greg became interested in the guitar after watching his dad learn some cowboy chords out of Mel Bay on and old Key guitar. Greg played baritone horn in the school marching band and became involved in musicals doing bit rolls in classics like Fiddler on the roof and Guys and dolls. He can remember the thrill on Christmas morning of opening an album by the bands. Yes, Jethro Tull, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd etc. He would play these albums on a cheap turn table until they were burned permanently into my brain. If you do not have a passion for music like Greg it might be hard to understand why after so many years of trying to make a living at it that he would still be in awe of its power and depth but that’s what makes him a musician and not an accountant. Over the course of his musical journey he had many friends and teachers that helped him to understand and develop his musicality.  Greg himself was blessed to be a guitar instructor for 13 years and to pass on his understanding and learn from his students. Greg puts it simply by saying "Did music choose me or did I choose music? I don’t know and I  don’t care! Every day that I can pick up my guitar and play is a good day."

Annie Block - Bass/Vox 

Born and raised in Iowa, Annie has always had a passion for music. She studied piano, guitar, French Horn, and voice, and holds a B.A. In Music from the University of Iowa. Annie has always been a band follower and appreciates most styles - especially rock, country and folk. One day she picked up a bass guitar, garnered some expert guidance from Andy Chaney and a few others, and has been playing with local musicians ever since. Annie has found this area of the country to be abundant with talented musicians of all genres and is honored to know many of them personally. She is thrilled to be part of the Katie Perkins Band. “Music is the great soother of the soul.”

Matt Jambard - Drums 

Matt Jambard was born in Hartford, CT in 1987. He started playing drums at age 10 with nothing more than a practice pad and pair of drum sticks until age 14, when he got his first drum kit. He has played in the middle school and high school marching band in his hometown of Somers, CT. After high school he pursued a music career at the Hartford Conservatory with a major in recording arts and minor in drums/percussion where he learned arranging, composition, writing, and jazz studies. He graduated in 2007 and has since been actively performing in various bands and artist with different styles ranging from reggae, classic rock, electronic, country, and metal. He has toured and played all over America in many acts on several different music labels as a session member for recording and live performances.